Remote control

Concerning the post-sale services, Bettiol considers very important the opportunity to remote monitor the installed systems, through commands that allow the remote connection with our operators who often analyze the "health" status of the plants in order to prevent or solve any kind of problem. Furthermore is also very useful know the causes of an hypothetical failure, in order to be able to take all the countermeasures in site and to avoid any discomfort to our customers.

Technical consulting

Bettiol's specialized technicians are always reliable for consulting and to offer a full service which involves both clients and designers. Furthermore Bettiol is forefront talking about new technologies and offers indeed quality solutions.


Highly connected to remote controlling is the maintenance service, in fact throughout this system it is able to organize its own activities and coordinate the interventions which can be divided in the groups of programmed maintenances and extraordinary ones. The maintenance team is composed by young technicians coordinated by an expert worker who faces unforeseen situations with the maximum versatility and competence, offering always a precise and punctual service.