The group operates in both private and public market, using process and methods which are specific for each sector.

The overall objective is to give the customer, public or private, a final product with the requested requirement operating in maximum efficiency and effectiveness, always respecting the different procedures and the different objectives of the individual sectors.


1. Analysis

The design analysis is given to the project manager, who will become the main referent and interlocutor of the costumer. The aim of this professional figure is the one of identifying all the elements which make up the project:
• regulatory constraints
• sustainability of Financial flows associated with the project.

2. Planning

It is indispensable for a complete project comprehension from the one who collaborates with us. This kind of planning includes both intermediate and final goals, it requires since the beginning a heedful focus on the entire design and realization cycle.

3. Design

The design is a moment of synthesis and understanding concerning the environmental, functional, technological and economical choices made previously. It is basically the most important phase for the project implementation.

4. Implementation

The process is under control in every single step of the work thanks to the site managers which are in constant touch with technicians and designers inside the head quarter. Since there is an unique team who manages the projects, wastes of time and resources are reduced to the minimum.


Once all the required operations to offer the best possible result are completed, is necessary to verify the undertaken actions in order to record and certify the good result of the work. Quality control procedures and testing facilities are implemented throughout the filling of the conformity declaration.

6. Client Delivery

Such declarations are completed by "service and user manuals" which are accurately issued by our technicians. Both declarations and manuals form the documentation for the client. A preliminary explanation of the plants is also provided.

7. After Sales Support

The group contribution does not end when work is completed, indeed our customer service can solve any kind of problem in a very short time.


Bettiol mission does not end with the conclusion of the building works but does offer a broader supply that includes operations such as system design and clients artefact delivery.

Once these activities are completed, the customer is not left alone, indeed our group supplies an assistance service which is able to support the customer in each eventuality.