Mechanical Division

Geothermal plants

The constant technological development of our group created a company that is able to manage also the most complex tasks, especially if we talk about renewable energies. As a matter of fact, learning how to recover energy from those sources the earth offers us, without having the fear we could ever run out of it, becomes every day more important. The geothermal system represents an useful energetic resource that uses subsoil heat to recover "clean" energy that can be used within the building in which this system is installed. Bettiol's group is able to study and improve this kind of system for each kind of situation until the balance within sustainability and money saving becomes worthy.

Thermotechnical plants

Nowadays there is a greater attention to more developed systems, indeed our company remains active even in the sphere of traditional thermotechnics/plant engineering. Our company owns competences in offering simplified solutions thanks to its team which has experience and professionalism in creating water and warming-up systems.