Electric Division

Electrical plants

Over the years our group developed its competence concerning the field of termotechnic and electric plants. Starting with simple electric plants positioned in homes and companies, Bettiol expanded its market developing new competences and improving its technical background.

Renewable energies

Bettiol adapts its own production and competence to the new technologies that spread in the market. PV systems are an example of this adaption: our company was not unprepared when this new technology began to diffuse, indeed we achieved to the present PV systems of wide variety, sizes and features.

Technological plants

There is a production environment that puts in contact both electricity and termotechnics: the thermostatic temperature control . Bettiol uses the thermostatic temperature control to implement the plant with the services of management and regulations of the plants, in order to control the functionality and the status even from distance.

Home automation

The capacity to provide an added value to what doesn't seem to be complex, plays a key role in the evolution of the electrical system design: through the organization of an home automation system we offer to the customer the possibility to enjoy his environment the best, giving to his environment a considerable added value.