clean energy

Sustainable architecture

The group has been operating for a long time with Casa Clima and joins the district of Treviso for green building, which puts in contact the whole building spinneret with the aim of constructing living environments less polluting and polluted, giving rise to comfortable and livable houses marked by an high level of energy saving and compatibility; a design and applicative perspective addressed to a future of environmental sustainability and biocompatibility.

Clean energy

Bettiol is expert in embodiments in which the solar thermal and solar photovoltaic sources are cherished. At the same time the group developed the concept of "passive buildings". This kind of buildings are made with a low index of thermal dispersion, combining the use of natural and bio-compatible materials, such as wood, with the application of particularly innovative and advanced technologies of plant.

Geothermal plants

The constant technological development of our group created a company that is able to manage also the most complex tasks, especially if we talk about renewable energies. As a matter of fact, learning how to recover energy from those sources the earth offers us, without having the fear we could ever run out of it, becomes every day more important. The geothermal system represents an useful energetic resource that uses subsoil heat to recover "clean" energy that can be used within the building in which this system is installed. Bettiol's group is able to study and improve this kind of system for each kind of situation until the balance within sustainability and money saving becomes worthy.